Even some of the best renovation jobs can leave behind unsightly messes of construction debris. Capt Eazy addresses the issue, though, so you don’t have to! We offer full-service construction debris removal that you can count on.

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Construction debris that doesn’t serve you has no purpose in your home. If you have unwanted construction debris in Fayette County, though, we offer the ideal solution! Our hard-working team offers construction debris removal services on a daily basis so that you can live comfortably without the eyesore of construction waste.

At Capt Eazy Junk Removal, we know that even the smallest amount of construction debris should be disposed of properly. As waste management experts, we take care of construction debris removal and disposal so that you don’t have to think about it! After all, people dump valuable materials all too often. We recycle construction debris properly so that your unwanted screws or wood can be re-utilized in your community. Who knows, maybe you can help a local contractor find the resources they need!


Did you know there’s a solution to getting rid of junk that doesn’t break the bank? Thanks to us, construction debris removal in Peachtree City is reliable, prompt, and affordable! That’s all because we have a simple volume-based system that keeps our rates fair for everyone. Instead of piling never-ending fees on your bill like those other guys, we stick to an honest, all-inclusive price, which we show you beforehand! Haulers always decide your price first, and haul your junk after you approve it.

Here at Capt Eazy, junk removal services are just a call away. Regardless if you need construction debris removal or another service, we’ll get to you faster than the others! That’s because we’re open everyday and even offer same-day service. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation where you need junk gone fast, we’re the one to call!

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  1. First, schedule your construction debris removal appointment. How do you do that? Simply click here or dial our number! From there, our team will gladly discuss your projected price.
  2. After giving you a courtesy call to tell you an ETA, our friendly crew will arrive right on schedule! The first thing they do when they meet you is observe the construction debris you need removed.
  3. Then, our team will give you an upfront price depending on the amount of space your construction waste takes up. By presenting you with a free quote, they lock in your price and patiently await your approval!
  4. The last thing that you need to do is approve your quote. From there, our pros will handle the rest! Of course, that includes all your junk removal, hauling, and disposal. Before driving off, they’ll even give your property a quick sweep to leave it spotless!

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Why hire a corporate junk removal giant when you can support a local business? When you work with us, the benefits don’t stop! First and foremost, we charge you a far lower rate for exceptionally better service. Other companies charge you extra, unwanted fees, but we don’t! Plus, we treat you with a certain level of kindness and respect that’s difficult to match. Throughout your process, you’ll notice that our guys are happy to adjust to your needs and demands! It’s their pleasure to serve you on your terms.

Based in Peachtree City, we cover junk removal services large and small in a wide range of areas. Accomodating to many locations and services, we cast a wide net so that we can catch- and get rid of- your junk-related stress! We don’t want to let junk keep living in your home rent-free, and we make it a number one priority to provide you with the junk removal services that you need. To request your construction debris removal or other service today, give us a call!

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Are you in search of another service? Perhaps, you need a broken appliance removed from your home. Or maybe, your move out date is coming closer and you need some help getting rid of junk. As long as you have junk to get rid of or a structure to demolish, we’re ready to tackle your service! We’re experts in junk removal and disposal that know how to handle any situation involving junk. Of course, we’ll dispose of your waste properly and safely, as well! In fact, we do our best to reuse anything we can by donating or recycling. By doing so, we care for the environment and community that’s done us so good! Leave your construction debris removal to us and breathe easy knowing that your waste is recycled, rather than dumped in a landfill.



Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!