Capt Eazy Junk Removal thinks you shouldn’t have to put up with an unwanted hot tub. However, we also understand it’s not exactly simple to remove one on your own. That’s why we’ll be there in no time to handle hot tub removal for you!

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What’s your preferred way of spending the summer months in Georgia? It can get quite hot outside, and there are quite a few ways to cope with the temperature. You might want to chow down on some popsicles or ice cream bars. You may consider staying inside and watching television while cranking up the air conditioning. Others still will take a dip in their hot tub and embrace the heat! However, if your hot tub is a little worse for wear, and you don’t want to keep it around anymore, what should you do? Contact Capt Eazy Junk Removal, a business that’s located in Peachtree City, GA. We proudly provide hot tub removal services to our customers because, in most cases, they don’t know the best way to remove a hot tub on their own. Of course, we’re always happy to do the work for you!


Where does one even begin getting experience with hot tub demolition? As you can imagine, it’s quite a complicated process. While it’s true that some hot tubs are small enough to be lifted as they are, others have to be totally disassembled or even cut apart into more manageable pieces. This requires power tools such as reciprocating blades. Of course, by the time you’re done with that process, you’ll have to deal with all those pipes, fiberglass fragments, and electrical components. Where will you take them? When can you take them there? How many more questions will you have to find the answers to? Look, hot tub disposal shouldn’t have to be your problem, so instead of trying to solve one mystery after another, cut straight to the point and hire Capt Eazy Junk Removal instead.

We don’t have to stumble through the hot tub removal process because we already know what we’re doing. We’ve done this sort of work time and time again, so needless to say, it won’t take us long to whisk your hot tub, jacuzzi, or spa away. All we ask is that you drain the water out before we arrive. Be sure to disconnect the tub from power and plumbing, too. That way, we can begin our work almost immediately after we arrive. The amount of work you’ll have to do is a big fat zero! Feel free to handle some other chores or even relax during your appointment!

Curious about the cost of removing a hot tub? It’s actually fairly inexpensive with Capt Eazy Junk Removal! You’ll pay us a fair rate based on the labor we provide, as well as the volume of debris we carry away. What’s more, we’ll always provide you with an upfront quote at the beginning of your appointment.

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  1. Before your appointment begins, we’ll pack up all our tools, assemble our team, then start heading your way. When we’re getting close to your location, we will give you a courtesy call so you know that we’re almost there.
  2. Please let us check out the hot tub upon our arrival. That way, we can begin planning the removal process, as well as provide you with an upfront service quote. It’s nice to know what you’re paying from the get-go, huh?
  3. Keep a safe distance as we start demolishing the hot tub. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt! Of course, some smaller hot tubs might not require demolition. We’ll lift those up and load them onto our truck fast.
  4. Once all traces of the hot tub are absent from your property, we can accept your final payment. Then, we’ll pay a local landfill a visit so we can dispose of those components and debris for good.

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It’s nice to have a hot tub removal company at your service, but you have to book an appointment to make this happen, of course. So what are you waiting for? Let us know about your hot tub woes right here on our website by clicking Book Now.

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